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Purpose built for reliable and economical operation, EtherRain™ is the most flexible dedicated networked sprinkler controller currently available. Designed for commercial and residential use, EtherRain networked sprinkler controllers, when combined with available software schedulers, provide efficient, accessible, low-maintenance, and water-saving networked control of landscape irrigation.

The latest EtherRain design (Rev C) supports an exdended API that allows multiple zones to open and close simultaneously independently. The internal power supply has been updated using most advanced industrial semiconductor regulator IC for longer life in electrically noisy environments. The original EtherRain has been running non-stop since 2009!




EtherRain can be used on an Ethernet local area network. EtherRain is attached to the network through a switch, wireless bridge, or router port. With the availability of an always-on Internet connection, EtherRain can be controlled/scheduled without need for a local always-on computer. EtherRain units can be stacked to control a virtually unlimited number of valves.

EtherRain Rev C controllers offer built-in timed-relay commands. Using timed-relay commands up to 8 relays can be operated independantly with up to 6 relays open simultaneously. Timed relay commands make EtherRain useful for controlling power applications like lighting, fans, and pumps when interfaced to power using 24VAC power control relays.


EtherRain acts as an intelligent client to an irrigation scheduling server. It requires receipt of only one command to initiate irrigation. Once a command is received EtherRain manages the complete cycle with no further intervention. A scheduling server is required to deliver the command. This architecture results in many benefits compared to other designs including: high reliability; less maintenance (no battery; no time drift; no schedule loss); better irrigation control (smart irrigation schedulers can provide more optimal irrigation timing).

A wide array of scheduling servers are compatible with EtherRain including: LawnCheck; HomeSeer; MCS Sprinklers; OptiRain for Windows; OptiRain Open for Linux. Each of these scheduling servers provide their own unique benefits. Some can be used in combination. See below for more information on scheduling servers.


EtherRain was designed to be installed in a dry location. Network connectivity is facilitated by the ability to connect EtherRain to an existing network using Wireless/WiFi Bridge devices (link opens .pdf), Ethernet Powerline adapters, as well as traditional CAT5 network cable. Please see the application notes provided below for information on how to use Wireless bridging and Powerline adapters with EtherRain.

WiFi Connectivity:

Because EtherRain uses an Ethernet port for connectivity it is easy to configure a WiFi sprinkler irrigation controller. Click here for more information.

Availability and History:

EtherRain is currently available via direct order and can be shipped to both US domestic and international locations. See below for purchasing information. EtherRain has been delighting our customers by reliably controlling their automated sprinkler systems since 2008.

Controller Selection

If your irrigation application includes a master valve or requires a pump control output the EtherRain 7P controller is required. If not, select EtherRain 8.

Price List

Name Description Part # Status Price
EtherRain 8 8 Zone Ethernet Sprinkler Controller ER-8 Available  $139.00
EtherRain 7P 7 Zone Ethernet Controller /w Pump Control ER-7P Available  $139.00
Rain Sensor Rain Sensor & Mounting Bracket ER-RD-NW Available $9.95
Rain Sensor Rain Sensor, 25 ft Wire, Mounting Bracket ER-RD-25 Available $15.95
Rain Sensor Rain Sensor, 40 ft Wire, Mounting Bracket ER-RD-40 Available $19.95
Connect Kit Share Power/Rain Sensor btwn 2 Controllers ER-CK-02 Available $3.95
Connect Kit Share Power/Rain Sensor btwn 3 Controllers ER-CK-03 Available $4.95
Transformer 24VAC Power Transformer (RainBird UT-1) UT-1 Available $19.95

EtherRain Programmers API is available to qualified software developers

Control Software: Configuration; Scheduling; Valve Test

Configuration Software     Click here to view Configuration Software Options  
Windows 10 Irrigation Scheduler   OptiRain for Windows 10
Linux, QNAP, Synology Scheduler   OptiRain Open for Linux
Smart Internet Sprinkler Control     Click here to Visit LawnCheck
    Learn what an Internet Sprinkler Controller is
HomeSeer Interface for EtherRain     Click here to read more
mcsSprinklers Irrigation Scheduling     Click here to read more
iPhone App for Local Access Valve Testing     Learn more about ZonePopper for iPhone
Android App for Local Access Valve Testing     Learn more about ZonePopper for Android

Information Links and Downloadable Documents:

Frequently Asked Questions     EtherRain FAQ Page
Rain Sensor Information     EtherRain Rain Sensors
Users Guide     EtherRain Users Guide (.pdf)  (update 7-22-2017)
Installation Information      EtherRain 8 Quick Start Install Guide(.pdf)
       EtherRain 8 Hook-Up/Wiring Guide(.pdf)  
       EtherRain 7P Hook-Up/Wiring Guide(.pdf)
       Rain Sensor Installation Guide(.pdf)
Application Notes       Economically Connect EtherRain to WiFi(.pdf)  (update 9-7-2017)
       Wired Connection to a Home Router(.pdf)  
       Using Powerline Networking with EtherRain(.pdf)
       Setting Up Multiple EtherRain Controllers(.pdf)
       LawnCheck EtherRain Setup Procedure (.pdf) (update 7-10-2016)
       Interface Users Guide for HomeSeer3 (.pdf) (update 7-22-2017)


Purchase Information For Purchasing information Click here

Manufactured in USA