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EViro Micro Servers

We started developing the concept of micro-servers in 2008 to provide cost effective environmental control using standard networking protocols. Our EViro micro servers are small embedded HTTP servers that act as servers for local control purposes and also act as clients to centralized network control servers. Consuming minimal power, they are targeted at specific applications and feature standard management and administration interfaces. Our EtherRain™ series of valve controllers are popular examples of this architecture.

EViro Servers are configured and administered using a standard interface. This interface consists of predefined HTTP commands which are readily available to software developers allowing for easy development of 3rd party application software. By employing standard networking protocols EViro servers can work in most networking environments.

EViro Servers are capable of communicating with Internet based servers. Further demonstrating the concept, our LawnCheck™ irrigation server is a global irrigation server that provides Internet-based irrigation scheduling world-wide in a cost effective and reliable manner.

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The EtherRain-8 Sprinkler Valve controller is the first in a series of EViro environmental control servers. For information about EtherRain, click here.

Software for EtherRain

OptiRain™ Irrigation Scheduling software for the EtherRain controller is now available. For more information about OptiRain and other available applications, click here.

For more information about these products please contact us via the sales link listed on our contacts page.