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EtherRain Support - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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EtherRain Frequently Asked Questions

Is EtherRain currently available? How long has it been on the market?

EtherRain is currently available via direct purchase and can be shipped to both US domestic and international locations. EtherRain has been reliably controlling automated sprinkler systems since 2008. We are constantly enhancing our easy-to-use schedulers and our reliable and innovative LawnCheck Internet Irrigation/Sprinkler scheduling app to provide increased features and even more value to our customers.

Does the EtherRain Valve Controller have a built-in Web Server Interface?

EtherRain does not have a human-readable browser interface. EtherRain, which features a very reliable operating protocol, was designed to be used with an external scheduling server for operation.

Feature-rich schedulers residing on either local or remote servers are capable of providing much greater value (increased functionality, easier access, ease-of-use, reduced maintenance, installation ease, expansion scale) and a much more intuitive and "likeable" user interface than can be provided on a controller with an embedded web-browser interface in this price range. Centralized scheduling servers are capable of offering more sophisticated irrigation flexibility offering a far superior solution compared to simple embedded web-interface timers. For example, scheduling applications like QuickSmart's OptiRain and LawnCheck are designed with built-in water saving features and so can help reduce your monthly operating expenses.

What Platforms are available to provide scheduling control for EtherRain?

Currently QuickSmart offers feature rich scheduling servers for use on Windows XP/7/8 (OptiRain) Linux (including Rasberry Pi), MacOS X (OptiRain Open 2) and a complete Internet Sprinkler Controller application (LawnCheck). A script set is avialable to provide easy control with HomeSeer (2 and 3) and a plugin is available for MiCasa Verde Vera.

QuickSmart's OptiRain, OptiRain Open, and LawnCheck scheduling applications provide sophisticated scheduling and water saving functionality. They are much more user friendly and easier to learn(ie, intuitive, easy-to-use) than the scheduling software avaiable for competitive products. The EtherRain controller has the widest scheduling platform support in the industry.

In addition to Windows, Linux, MacOS X, and Internet (LawnCheck) EtherRain can also be controlled by the powerful HomeSeer 2 Home Control Server through a set of easy-to-use scripts and webpages provided by QuickSmart specifically for HomeSeer 2.   Users of the popular Vera home controller by Mi Casa Verde can also use EtherRain to control irrigation using a third party developed plugin.

As of April 2011, mcsSprinklers, the sophisticated irrigation control software from MCS Automated Solutions, also provides support for EtherRain.

Please contact us if you are interested in support for other platforms.

Will EtherRain work with my MiCasaVerde Vera 3 home controller?

Yes. The best place for information on the using EtherRain with Vera is the MiCasaVerde Support forum for EtherRain. In addition Vera plugins are available here: UI4 or UI5

Are SmartPhone Apps avaialble for EtherRain?

Yes. The Sprinkler Ace iPhone App is available for iPhone and iPad. ZonePopper Android App is avalable for Android phones and tablets. These apps provide immediate local control for valve testing. ZonePopper also runs manual cycles.

How do I attach power to EtherRain?

EtherRain requires an external standard 24VAC irrigation transformer for use as a power supply. This transformer also supplies the power to activate your valves so you only need one power supply for both EtherRain and your valves. 24VAC transformers for irrigation use are readily available in hardware and gardening supply stores. You can purchase a transformer from us as a matter of convenience (we'll test the transformer and attach the EtherRain connector).

What is the default password for EtherRain?

The default password is: pw (two letters, lower case).

I've configured EtherRain for use with LawnCheck, but it's not connecting to LawnCheck. What could be wrong?

If your EtherRain is configured for use with LawnCheck, per the above response, and it isn't communicating with LawnCheck, first make sure that your EtherRain controller name matches exactly with your LawnCheck device name. You can test host access and validate device access using EtherRain Admin from the "Config" screen. For more information on LawnCheck, visit the LawnCheck forum.

How do I configure EtherRain for Use with LawnCheck?

To configure EtherRain for LawnCheck, from the configure screen within EtherRain Admin, click the "poll" option and enter your 10 digit LawnCheck Account number in the field provided then click the update button. For more information on LawnCheck, visit the LawnCheck forum.

I don't have an Ethernet port where my irrigation wires are located in my house. How can I connect?

We recommend a wired connection, so running a cable would be the most reliable and possibly the lowest cost solution. Next, power line adapters as offered by companies like NetGear provide very reliable connectivity (the XETB1001 kit is low cost; even the older XE103 devices work fine), though you might need to trial different outlets. Wireless connectivity can be achieved using a wireless bridge; we recommend the Cisco/Linksys WET54G or Cisco WET610N. With wireless you need to ensure that your signal level is very high. The Linksys/Cisco products have signal strength readouts so we recommend using them if you decide to use a wireless link.

I'm using a commercial rain sensor from RainBird, Hunter or other manufacturer. Will it work with EtherRain?

Yes it should work. Check your rain sensor installation guide to locate the wires used with a normally open (NO) installation.

I'm using a WIRELESS commercial rain sensor from RainBird, Hunter or other manufacturer. Will it work with EtherRain?

Yes it should work. For example, if you are using the Hunter Wireless Rain-Clik, follow the install instructions (Hunter Wireless Rain Clik installation guide)for a normally open installation. In this case, connect the yellow wires to the power transformer and the blue and the orange wires to the EtherRain rain sensor input. Please check the installation manual provided with your sensor to get the right wire colors.

I've just received my EtherRain, plugged in power and the network connection, how can I test it?

The easiest way to test EtherRain is by using EtherRain Admin. Select the device (the controller should appear automatically when EtherRain Admin is executed). Click "test" button to test, click the "seconds" radio button, enter some zone times in, and click "begin." You should see the green "relay power" LED turn on at the center front panel of the controller, and hear clicks as the relays close and open.

My installation has a master valve. Can I use EtherRain?

Yes. For installations that have a master control valve you'll need to order the EtherRain 7P. This version supports 7 zones plus a master valve or a pump control valve.

I'd like some local control from my smart phone. What are my options?

If you have an iPhone, the SprinklerAce App will provide local valve control.
If you have an Android phone, the ZonePopper App will provide local valve control and run manual cycles.

In addition, for any SmartPhone or tablet with a modern browser, LawnCheck offers Internet-based zone control through their smartphone web site that can be set up for immediate valve control.

Can EtherRain Control Lighting and Outdoor Power?

Yes, this is possible with an additional relay attachment. Because reliable control of lighting events and other yard features is much different than reliable control of irrigation, we are working on separate products for these applications. Our YardSwitch Relay Modules are enclosed dual-coil latching relays provide solutions for some lighting and pond control applications, though require two zones for use.

Still have a question that you don't see an answer to here or on the LawnCheck forum? If so please contact us: support@quicksmart.com   (or use our email contact form.)