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EtherRain Scheduling Software for Water Saving Irrigation/Sprinklers

EtherRain™ is an intelligent valve control client designed to work with an irrigation scheduling server. In operation, a scheduling server issues a single full cycle irrigation command to EtherRain and EtherRain runs the full cycle by itself. The separation of the scheduler from the valve controller results in many benefits compared to alternatives including:

The following software provides feature rich and flexible irrigation scheduling for local control and scheduling of EtherRain Ethernet sprinkler controllers. For Internet based irrigation scheduling, please visit LawnCheck (opens new browser window).

The following smart phone apps are available for EtherRain: ZonePopper iPhone App and ZonePopper Android App

OptiRain for Windows and
OptiRain Open for Linux, UNIX

OptiRain™ is software for scheduling one or more local LAN-based EtherRain valve controllers. OptiRain for Windows installs under Windows 10.

OptiRain Open is designed for use on local Linux (Debian, Raspbian, Synology, QNAP), and UNIX servers. OptiRain irrigation scheduling software, when used with the EtherRain controller, provides the following benefits:


OptiRain Open 2 for Linux, QNAP NAS, and Synology NAS

OptiRain Open 2 is a complete sophisticated scheduling and control web application designed to locally schedule one or more EtherRain valve controllers. OptiRain Open 2 is a web application that delivers all of the benefits mentioned above, including weather-based irrigation programs using WeatherUnderground or Weather API weather feeds.

OptiRain Open 2 supports weather controlled cycles using Weather API and the Weather Underground PWS Contributors weather feed. Both of these weather services provide accurate local weather with forecast capability.

While OptiRain Open 2 has a powerful feature set for typical single controller applications, it also provides irrigation for up to 25 EtherRain controllers. It supports multiple virtual (software defined) irrigation controllers, up to 5, with each virtual irrigation controller able to support up to 5 EtherRain controllers. Each virtual controller is independent providing sequential zone irrigation programs of up to 40 zones. That's the equivalent of 5 40 zone physical box controllers - though easier to program and with more features.

OptiRain Open 2 also provides other features like email notifications.

For more information including screenshots please download the OptiRain Open Brochure  (pdf).

OptiRain Open is ideally suited for use on low powered Linux server platforms including Raspberry Pi. It's easy to install OptiRain Open 2 under Debian and Raspbian Linux and other Linux distributions.

OptiRain Open 2 is an Apache2 web application and so requires the Apache2 web server along with PHP 7 (or PHP 8) and SQLite3. A list of required packages is included in the install instructions.

Installation information:

Linux systems: OptiRain Open 2 Installation Guide (.pdf)
Raspberry Pi: OptiRain Open 2 on Raspberry Pi Installation Guide (.pdf)

Latest Version

OptiRain Open Version 2.30, June 7, 2023. This version adds support for Weather API and removes OpenWeather (OpenWeather reduced the data set in there free feed.) Also includes icons for WeatherUnderground

Available via Email

If you are interested in obtaining OptiRain Open for installation on your Linux, Synology, QNAP, or UNIX based server, please first view the installation guide, and then use our email contact form to request a copy (or send us an email addressed to: support@quicksmart.com).

OptiRain Open on Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi computers, as well as similar competitors, are ideal for home control. Raspberry Pi runs a standard LAMP stack so Apache applications can be easily installed. Many EtherRain customers have installed OptiRain Open 2 on their Pi computers with reliable and dependable results.

Here's a link to information about installing OptiRain Open on Raspberry Pi

OptiRain for Windows 10

OptiRain for Windows consists of two programs: a user interface program and a scheduler program. The user interface program provides schedule building, weather configuration, log viewing, and initiation of manual cycles.

The scheduler, called the OptiRain Scheduler Service, operates in the background to manage the scheduled programs. Once installed and started, the OptiRain Scheduler Service executes the irrigation schedule whenever the computer is running, even when no one is logged in. The service starts automatically whenever the computer is powered on.

View the OptiRain for Windows Users Guide (.pdf) (updated 5-1-2019)

Weather Features in OptiRain for Windows

OptiRain for Windows Version 2.2.5 and greater supports the Yahoo! weather feed and the Weather Underground PWS Contributors weather feed. The Yahoo! Weather option has updated capability including support for greater control based on forecasted weather conditions. See the Users Guide for more information

Note: Weather Underground has discontinued its original free weather feed and has replaced it with a new feed called the PWS Contributors feed. Access keys are available from Weather Underground for those who contribute data to their network. Contact Weather Underground to receive a PWS Contributors key.

Downloads and Installation

OptiRain for Windows installs under Windows 10, (32 bit and 64 bit versions). A fully functional OptiRain install requires downloading both OptiRain User and OptiRain Scheduler. You can sample the user interface by downloading and installing the OptiRain User application.

Windows 10 Post-Installation Note:
For Windows 10 installations, both OptiRain User and OptiRain Scheduler must be configured to run with Administrator privleges after installing. Here's how to set Administrator privileges on both programs:

Set "Run as Administrator" on OptiRain User:

1. Right-click the OptiRain desktop shortcut icon
2. Click “Properties”
3. Click the “Compatibility” tab
4. At the bottom of the tab window, click “Change Settings for all users”
5. At the bottom of the “Compatibility for all users” tab, check the “Run this program as an administrator” checkbox
6. Click “Apply” then click “OK”

Set "Run as Administrator" on OptiRain Scheduler:
If OptiRain Scheduler has been installed, but the status shows "stopped" in OptiRain User, and the scheduler can't be started in OptiRain User, then the privilege level for OptiRain Scheduler must be manually set to "run as Adminstrator." This can be set as follows:

1. Go to the OptiRain install directory (C:/Program Files (x86)/QuickSmart Development/OptiRain Scheduler)
2. Locate the file "OptiRain Scheduler" with a file type "Application."
3. RIGHT Click on "OptiRain Scheduler."
4. Click “Properties” from the list provided.
5. Click the “Compatibility” tab in the properties window.
6. Find the Privilege Level Section (near the bottom)
7. Check the box “Run as Administrator."
8. Click "OK".
9. Restart your computer


Before upgrading from an earlier version please perform the following tasks:

1. Stop the scheduler using the scheduler controls in OptiRain User.
2. Uninstall OptiRain User and OptiRain Scheduler (your data will remain).
3. Download and install the new versions - make sure to update both the user and the scheduler.

When downloading, click the "Run" button at the prompt for easiest install. Choose the option "Install for Everyone" if the option is displayed. These download packages are unsigned.

Download OptiRain User for Windows 10

Download OptiRain Scheduler for Windows 10

OptiRain User last update:  05-01-2019.

OptiRain Scheduler last update:  05-01-2019.

Latest OptiRain User and Scheduler version 2.2.5 adds support for Weather Underground PWS contributors feed; updates help file to pdf
OptiRain User and Scheduler version 2.2.0 fixes Yahoo Weather Feed; enhances Yahoo Weather controls; updates help file to pdf
OptiRain User and Scheduler version 2.0.4 fixes Yahoo Weather Feed and provides extra WU weather feed error checking.
OptiRain User and Scheduler version 2.0.2 provides minor bug fixes from version 2.0.0: European decimals and error checking.
OptiRain User version 2.0.0 provides: Support for WeatherUnderground feeds; MultiCyle (cycle splitting); weather log; easier to read command logs; cycle overlap check.
OptiRain Scheduler version 2.0.0 supports all of the new features in the scheduling service.
OptiRain User version 1.6.1 provides additional features: Scheduler Suspend; Program Deactivate.
OptiRain User version 1.5.6 enforces 240 minute maximum zone run time fixing an update bug.
OptiRain User version 1.5.5 now saves and displays weather deactivation parameters fixing an update bug.

(2011) OptiRain conforms to the Vista/Windows 7 files security model. OptiRain now runs under the .NET 4.0 Framework.

Important Migration Note:

If you wish to update a pre-May 2011 installation please read these Migration Instructions(.pdf)

To request feature updates for OptiRain, please contact us via our email contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

mcsSprinklers Advanced Scheduling Software for Windows and HomeSeer

For advanced scheduling in HomeSeer or in standalone Windows-based irrigation environments see mcsSprinklers, the sophisticated irrigation control software from MCS Automated Solutions. mcsSprinklers provides a variety of irrigation strategies, monitoring, and reporting capabilities, while also providing excellent support for EtherRain controllers.

mcsSprinklers supports the new individual zone commands featured on Rev C of the EtherRain controller.

HomeSeer Irrigation Control EtherRain Plug-In (HS3/HS4) and Web Interface (HS3)

The EtherRain series of Ethernet connected sprinkler valve controllers can easily be controlled with HomeSeer 3 or HomeSeer 4, the market-leading home automation and remote access software package from HomeSeer Technologies, using the EtherRain Plug-In or the web interface provided by QuickSmart Development.

EtherRain provides a superior irrigation alternative for HomeSeer installations. EtherRain provides very high reliability and simple installation and control compared to existing networked sprinkler control alternatives for HomeSeer. The EtherRain HS plug-in and web interface provide easy event setup without the need for IP addressing knowledge; our controller discovery mechanism lets you name your controllers for easy event setup.

EtherRain provides enhanced irrigation reliability in HomeSeer HS3 or 4 installations compared to available alternatives. EtherRain requires only a single command in order to execute a complete cycle. No "off" command is required. Once EtheRain receives it's irrigation command, it executes the cycle internally and so will provide reliable irrigation even if your server or network experiences a hangup during the cycle. In addition to providing enhanced reliability, this unique architecture makes it easy to set up irrigation events in HomeSeer because only one event is needed per cycle.

In addition, the plug-in and web interface provide enhanced services with complete button click functionality including advanced features like cycle setbacks and email alerts. With the included setback functionality a single HomeSeer EtherRain Event can automatically change the irrigation time based on month of the year. One event can be set up for the whole year, without wasting water. Because the standard HomeSeer Event is used, the HomeSeer owner can set up a customized schedule to meet the most demanding of needs by altering the event trigger conditions.

The run-sequential-cycles command makes it easy to schedule cycles across multiple controllers with no time gaps or overlaps, even when using water saving setbacks. With only one HomeSeer event, it is possible to run up to 64 sequential zones. In addition this command makes it very easy to divide a single cycle into two or three for "cycle and soak" applications.

EtherRain Plug-in For HS3 or HS4. The EtherRain Plug-In for HomeSeer is available via email for manual installation on your HomeSeer 3 or 4 server. (We haven't been able to get into the HomeSeer Plug-in Manager). The EtherRain plug-in was designed to run on HomeSeer 3 and 4 Platforms including Windows, Linux, and Zee. For information about the HomeSeer EtherRain Plug-in, click here. The EtherRain Plugin offers the same functionality as the EtherRain HS3 script set.

Script sets are available for HS2 and HS3. The user interface is the same for HS2 and HS3, however the underlying code is very different so please download the version that matches your HomeSeer installation.

A users guide providing installation and setup instructions is included in the download. The installation procedure is simple and easily reversible. By downloading and installing you can get an idea of the functionality provided by the interface before purchasing a controller.

EtherRain Interface for HomeSeer 3

HomeSeer HS3 Web Interface was last updated 7-22-2017. This script set supports HS3 running on Windows. (Please use the EtherRain Plug-In on Zee or Linux) It has been tested on HS3 version This version supports all functions supported in the HomeSeer2 version. In addition, the runSeqCycles (Run Sequential Cycles) command has been extended so that it can run up to 64 zones sequentially (for installations with multiple EtherRain controllers).

Download EtherRain Web Interface for HomeSeer 3

HomeSeer HS2 Web Interface was last updated 11-05-2012. The latest update fixed a bug in the sequential cycles function. Recent Updates include a function for running multiple cycles sequentially from one command, and status checking before sending irrigation commands.

Download EtherRain Web Interface for HomeSeer 2

HomeSeer plug-in developers are invited to use the provided script(s) in part or in total to offer the benefits provided by EtherRain to their customers through their extensive feature packed plug ins.

jirrigate - Java-based Scheduler

jirrigate is a stand alone CLI based Java application that can run on any machine with Java 1.6+ installed. The goal of jIrrigate is to provide a localized application that can interact with one or more irrigation controllers and one or more weather stations/feeds allowing users to provide configuration parameters that guide jirrigate on making decisions on when to irrigate.

Currently jirrigate supports the following parameters:

jirrigate provides logging and an interactive console to report on irrigation history, future and statistics as well as start/stop/test controller functions.

For more information and to download jirrigate, please visit: jirrigate home

EtherRain Admin (for EtherRain configuration)

EtherRain Admin is the configuration and testing utility for the EtherRain valve controller. EtherRain Admin is available as a Windows native installation as well as a Java Web Start installation. The Web Start version works with Apple Macintosh (Mac OS X) and various distributions of Linux that have Java Web Start installed.

Click here to go to the EtherRain support page where EtherRain Admin can be downloaded.