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What We Do

We have in-depth knowledge of Ethernet networking protocols, microcontroller programming, and server appliance development using open source software stacks. We develop control devices and combine them into complete systems that are scalable, accessible, and easy-to-use.

We manufacture and sell the networked irrigation controller "EtherRain™." We support this product with professional software that includes industry leading features that reduce complexity and make it easy to conserve water. Our industry leading LawnCheck™ Internet-based irrigation scheduling server schedules irrigation for many hundreds of sites located around the world. Our OptiRain software runs on tiny Linux servers, like Raspberry Pi, offering simple and effective sprinkler and irrigation control using innovative techniques like network weather retrieval.

QuickSmart manufacturers many of it's own devices while also integrating third party boards and software. QuickSmart writes software to ensure that devices can be easily discovered and managed within a network.