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QuickSmart Automation Products and Services

New standards of access and ease-of-use have been established for control and automation of processes and environments and QuickSmart is at the leading edge integrated low cost networked servers with Internet-based server solutions.

At QuickSmart we apply our knowledge of Internet networking technology and open source software to industrial, commercial, and residential automation and control applications. We build systems that are accessible, easy to configure, while offering scalable architecture. In today's world with Wi-Fi hotspots, cell-phone network browsers, QuickSmart makes it possible to access and easily use automated control systems from any connected location.

On this site you will find available products as well as services that combine these products into complete easy-to-use and easy-to-access systems. We work primarily in the commercial and industrial markets.

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ZonePopper for iOS (iPhone and iPad) is new for 2019.

The EtherRain HomeSeer HS3 Interface has been updated (July 2017).

ZonePopper™ Android App for EtherRain is now on Google Play - Updated February 2019!.

OptiRain Open™ 2 for Linux, Raspberry Pi, and Mac supports Yahoo! Weather and Weather Underground data feeds and provides easy local irrigation control for both small and large installations (8 to 150 zones). > Updated February 2019!