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Markets Served

QuickSmart provides both products are software development services that are applicable to the following markets:

Industrial Markets

Industrial users of control and automation include factories and utilities that need to monitor and control processes using low cost, easily understandable networking devices and systems. QuickSmart uses standard Internet technologies to meet this need.

Commercial Markets

Commercial users of control and automation include corporate facilities and IT departments that need to monitor and control environmental conditions and control IT machinery through out-of-band networks for purposes of secure configuration and power control (power cycling).

Other uses include control functions for building and property maintenance. QuickSmart's standards based networked systems provide scalability, ease-of-use, and return on investment through resource savings and increased productivity.

Residential Automation and Control

Home owners are interested in control systems that are easier to use and that provide greater access than many of the "gadget" based control systems that are available on the market today. QuickSmart offers basic device controllers and a central system server that provides the needed automation service for many situations while also providing access to the system via the Internet. Benefits to residential users include increased convenience and savings on utility resources.