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XenLink Networked Wireless Sensors

XenLink servers and sensors are no longer offered.

The XenLink family of networked wireless sensors provides reliable, accurate, reliable, and systematic monitoring of environmental conditions. XenLink sensors are battery powered and communicate to a controller using 900 MHz. and 2400 MHz. spectrum. Up to 125 devices can be attached to a wireless sensor network and up to 125 networks can be operated within a geographic area.

The XenLink networked sensor approach requires one controller per network and each controller can manage up to 125 devices. XenLink controllers are available with USB and Ethernet interfaces.

XenLink Products List
Name DescriptionPart # status Price
USB Control Module USB to XenLink sensor controller Various Not Available $199
Ethernet Control Module Ethernet to XenLink sensor controller Various Not Available $179
Wireless Temperature Sensor 900MHz Wireless Temperature Sensor Various Not Available $149

Download XenLink Brochure (.pdf)

Download XenLink Demo Console for XenLink USB Controllers (.exe)