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YardSwitch Relay Modules for Power Control

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YardSwitch™ is a latching relay module designed to provide reliable and cost effective line power control for light and medium duty power applications including outside lighting, pond pumps, and misting systems. YardSwitch power control modules feature a latching relay with two control inputs: Pulse On and Pulse Off. When the relay enters a state, open or closed, it stays in that state even if power is removed. The relay state changes only when a signal pulse is received. A latched relay offers state assurance for applications that have relatively long cycles, for example, cycles with run times of 4 hours or more.

Because control signals consist of short pulses, YardSwitch can be used with low cost timing controllers like sprinkler timers without interfering with irrigation programs. YardSwitch requires a two inputs and so if used with a sprinkler timer requires two dedicated zones or stations.




YardSwitch Power Control modules were designed for reliable, economical, and durable control of outdoor power applications such as lighting, fountians, and pond pumps. The devices are controlled by pulses of 24VAC power and can be controlled using various programmable controllers and sprinkler timers.

The YardSwitch HW-600 was designed for use in permanent applications including outdoor lighting, pond pumps, fountain control, and misting systems.


YardSwitch modules were designed to control power in outdoor applications and as such special attention must be given to installation. In particular, there are many local building codes that govern the installation of outdoor power and these must be adhered to in order to obtain safe and reliable operation. Most codes specify that circuits serving outdoor applications must be protected with GFI circuitry. In addition there may be distance from the ground specifications. It is important to check with local codes or have installation performed by a licensed electrician.

YardSwith HW-600 was designed to be installed within a two-gang electrical box. If the installation is exposed to weather, the box should be NEMA rated weatherproof.

Price List

Name Description Part # Status Price
YardSwitch HW-600 600 Watt Hard-wired Power Control Relay YS-HW-600 Available  $39.95

Information Links and Downloadable Documents:

Brochure     YardSwitch Brochure (.pdf)
YardSwitch HW600 Connection Guide      YardSwitch HW-600 Connection Guide(.pdf)  (May 2012)
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